Written Comunication

Written presentations (posters) may be proposed by attendants.
The scientific committee will group the presentations in thematic sessions. Thematic sessions of written presentations may be proposed by a convener. Otherwise, thematic sessions will be grouped by the scientific committee.

Oral and written presentations will be certified by the scientific committee as communications presented to the Annual Meeting of the EAPL.

The language of the presentations will be English.

The suggested Thematic Areas are:

Eyewitness identification & memory
Interviewing, interrogations & confessions
Deception detection & malingering
Credibility assessment
Forensic & risk assessment
Criminal investigations
Victims & offenders
Therapeutic jurisprudence

Abstract norms:

Length: a maximum of 5000 characters is preferred.
Construction: for lector’s comprehension the abstract must be clear to read and easy to understand the aim of the presentation.
Contents: Introduction; Study purpose; Method – Participants (brief description)/protocols; Results; and Conclusions (emphasize the practical implications).

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